Pablo Diaz Benzo

Painter, Graphic Designer and Illustrator born in Santiago (Chile), based in Berlin since 2013. From his youth he spends most of his time and energy in Gra ti and street painting. This activity led him to meet and collaborate with many artists from the Santiago scene and later from the world stage, performing a series of tours in South America and Europe. Result of this experience and under the in uence of di erent characters (from the history of painting and also his contemporaries) began his work in studio (acrylic and watercolor).

In 2013 he moved to Berlin where adopts oil as technique and incorporates collage and ceram- ics as new media, complementing and extending his visual imaginarium.

His work is characterized by the construction of confusing and unreal situations where myste- rious places, warped furnitures, sleepy plants and collections of interior objects are mixed with abstract shapes, often with a lack of a coherent perspective on the composition of the scenes. Each of the expressions that he works with, feeds each other, complementing and in uencing the possibilities that this di erent techniques deliver.