Jolanta Kyzikaite

I am a painter, the winner of the young painter prize. I love to create large format works, which is why I participate in this project. I often use the play of different images in my painting. I take the images from everyday life, which accumulate in my mind and drawings over time. One painting work fits a whole kaleidoscope of memories: fragments of the Museum of Nature, a hedgehog that I unexpectedly encountered near the sea, a photography from a recently read magazine or the image of a closed I was cleaning out in the morning. Fitting very different story details in a flat picture forms a completely new story. In this way, individual memories lose their power, they create a new perception of the world.

The project titled “Walking on the red carpet” turned out quite ironic after combining random images. A hedgehog walks on the red carpet, like a movie star, but he walks towards closet, where, between the hanging clothes, a jackstraw of a bear (a monument to bear) stands. The clothes are the fur of a human, however, this fur is changed quite often and not always because it is cold or because the person wants to cover themselves from the rays of the sun. The fashion industry promotes us to follow fashion and constantly change; to buy more new items that will soon become unnecessary. As a result, our nature suffers: not the nature that is carefully monitored on the windowsill, but the one that is not visible on the path to our new goals – it simply remains invisible to us.

In this project, I hope to realize my idea, to get acquainted with other artists, as well as to communicate with the locals.