Boris Pramatorav

About my artistic ideas:

The constantly changing environment destroys my stability. The evanescent pleasures are my dose obliviousness, but in this lethargy state I become more fragile. I can’t build a fortress on the surface of a river and the unsuccessful trials make me suffer. I am born to be a victim and this is the dark side of my weakness. The fear gives a birth to aggression. I am an afraid animal ready to fight back. The farthest thing that one victim can becomes is attacker. If I imagine my nightmares as beast, I have to know how to tame the carnivore, in order to use its power consciously. This is the only way for me to break the circle victim – attacker. My mortality is my guide.

About the medium:

I use isographs, paper, ink and computer for creating my artworks. I make different environments, structures and characters to express my emotions and ideas. Many details create the whole drawing. I took that principle from nature. Small parts like the atoms make huge things. For me it is important what I don’t draw as well.